Our Services

We provide both Roffler Sculptur-Kut® razor styling and classic scissor cuts provided by your barber.

straight razorThe Roffler cut requires a 60 minute appointment and includes a shampoo, conditioning, and high-precision razor cut styling. We also provide you with whatever coaching is required to replicate your styling at home. The Roffler Sculptur-Kut® is especially effective for difficult to manage hair due to the scientific basis for the cutting process. These haircuts will last for an average of 1/3rd longer than a traditional barbershop cut.

The classic scissor cut takes 25 minutes and includes dampening of the hair, cutting with scissors and professional finish.

In addition to haircuts, we can also provide hair coloring in our private booths. We will offer you a hair coloring that is discrete and generally undetectable.

The choice is always yours but we highly recommend the Roffler cut for professional and lasting managability. Please let us know which type of haircut or other services you would like when you call or email for an appointment.

We also carry a full complement of hair care products from leading manufacturers.

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